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So what is phpTrafMon?
phpTrafMon is a set of scripts written in php.
It shows in an attractive and user-friendly way the traffic in a local network and a share in it of every user.
phpTrafMon generates stats for hours, days, months and years. Those statistics can be sorted by host, input, output and total traffic.
It also provide information about users, that were at the top of the daily statistics and shows peak values of some statistics.
Of course phpTrafMon does not supervise traffic in network, it only uses log files generated by a popular IPFM.

I wrote phpTrafMon because I am often being asked why my network is so laggy, why the transfer is so slow. Here users can find the answer without asking me.
List of features
What type of statistics phpTrafMon provide?
  • statistics for every host for hours, days, months and years
  • statistics for days in a month, months in a year and years globally
  • classification, that shows the best user of each day with his proportional share in bandwidth
  • global statistic based on transmitted data
  • global statistic based on points for position on every day (counted like in ski-jumping)
  • generating graphs for user's hourly statistic
  • records: peak values in a few categories
  • sorting of displayed data in most of the categories Other features:
  • comments system
  • template system (build on phpbb2 template class and templates, so css from phpbb should work)
  • easy to replace language file
  • user can change his displayed host name
    What does phpTrafMon require to run?
    phpTrafMon is written in php, so it needs a httpd server with php engine on board.
    It also require MySQL database to store information about hosts and crontab to execute commands every hour.
    Also GD extension for php should be installed, because it is needed to display graphs (phpTrafMon will work without this extension, but there will be no graphs;)
  • v 1.1 [10.04.2004] phptrafmon-1.1.tgz
       * New statistics module - points for days.
       * Added ability to delete hourly stats older than X days
  • v 1.0 [19.02.2004] phptrafmon-1.0.tgz

    Polish language file:
  • for v 1.1 [10.04.2004] lang_pl.tgz
  • GPL Licence [EN]
  • Readme [EN]
  • Readme [PL]
  • Install [EN]
  • Install [PL]
    If you have any problems, questions or you have found any bugs in my software, just mail me: cabal <at> comernet <dot> pl

    © 2004 Cabal